Test Your Termite Knowledge with Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc.

What are Termites?

Termites are something that many home or business owners have heard of but may not exactly know what these ‘white ants’ are. Merriam-Webster defines termites as “pale-colored soft-bodied social insects that live in colonies consisting usually of winged sexual forms, wingless sterile workers, and soldiers….” These insects, “feed on wood, and…are very destructive to wooden structures and trees.” Those who experience termite infestations may have a few different definitions of their own.

Termites are small insects that can burrow into wooden structures like buildings, sheds, or decks, and work their way through while eating the wood on their way. Of course, this weakens the structure and can lead to extensive and expensive property damage if neglected.

Residents of the Belpre, OH, area need not fear when termites strike their home – Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. is here to effectively remove the problem. Call us at (740) 423-6887 or toll-free at (800) 510-6871 for an estimate.

Understanding the Difference Between Types of Termites

You may be thinking, “a termite is a termite. What difference does it make?” But it’s good to know the difference, especially depending on the area you live in and what kind of termite could be in your home. Common types include:

Subterranean Termites are common termites that most infestation sufferers experience. They live underground and move to moist, warm areas (like walls with water damage!) and create “mud tubes” through the structure – their most telling point.

Found in all states except Alaska

Formosan Termites are aggressive and hard to remove. While these termites are not native to Ohio, they are found in nearby states like Virginia and Kentucky.

Found in AL, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA 

Dampwood Termites love wood structures that are moist or damp, which makes water-damaged homes prime real estate. They are bigger than the other types and are usually found in the southern or coastal areas.

Found in CA, FL, and other coastal areas 

Drywood termites, as the name suggests, can live and thrive in dry wood. Unlike other termites, drywood termites do not have to live in soil, and can go right into your home. This type of termite can quickly spread throughout the structure, leaving you with extensive damage.

Found in CA, FL, SC, TX, VA

What Attracts Termites?

Termites love wooden structures. This is a broad statement, but it covers wood piles, homes, sheds, cabinetry, door jams, and windowsills. Depending on the type of termite, moisture can also attract them. If your home or business has water damage, keep in mind that termites and other pests may find their way into the structure.

There are ways to keep termites from invading your space. One way is to keep wood piles away from the structure. Termites and other pests can make a home in wood piles, and when resting next to your home, there is easy access. Damp, dark areas are also welcoming to termites, meaning that any water damage in or near your wooden structures may look appealing.

Effective Household Termite Treatments to Battle Pests

There are various ways to keep termites away from your home, but how do you get rid of them once they get inside? Termites are difficult to get rid of, and store-bought sprays or traps aren’t great for effective removal. That’s where Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. comes in!

We offer Termidor® termite treatments to effectively remove termite infestations. Termidor works best because the control material stays in the soil around the building. This helps to prevent more termites from coming back later. Termidor uses half the water of other liquid termite treatments, has a precise application, and is more eco-efficient than other products on the market.

Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. also has our own showroom of extermination products. Our staff is available to help customers find whatever they need for termites and all types of pests.

Signs that You May Have a Termite Infestation in Ohio

Pest World claims that termites cause over five billion dollars of property damage every year. Homeowners that notice any signs of a termite infestation should reach out to an exterminator immediately to avoid costly repairs. A few signs that termites have entered your home include holes or wood shavings around windowsills or door jams, wings, or obvious signs of weakened wood around the home. If you notice these things, call Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. We provide home inspections and effective termite treatments to remove termites and keep them out.

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