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Roach Exterminators
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Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. Rids Ohio Homes of Roaches

When you need professional, effective roach exterminators in Belpre, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, call Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. Cockroaches are bad news. They are not only unhygienic, but they also carry diseases to your home, especially when their bacteria reach your food. Roaches can dwell in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or in dark, moist areas. Do not wait until it becomes harder to eliminate these pests. Call us right away at (740) 423-6887 or toll-free at (800) 510-6871. You can also contact us online. Our team will help you get rid of them permanently.

Helping Homes and Businesses Since 1984

We are a pest removal professional that has been helping out residential and commercial clients since 1984. Whether your home or business is infested with rats, ticks, or termites, our team can help. Our goal is to ensure all homes and businesses are pest-free. Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. offers emergency services to cater to those that need help in eliminating pests immediately.

Signs of a Roach Infestation

You will usually see them at night as roaches are nocturnal creatures. Spotting them during the day could mean that infestation has progressed. Seeing roach feces behind your refrigerator, pantries, cupboards, and food storage areas is a sign that roaches live in your home. Look for their eggs in hard-to-reach places, such as cracks in the walls, and call exterminators right away. You may also smell them; roaches produce a musty, pungent smell that gets even stronger.  Do not wait until it is too late; get help as soon as possible.

Dangers of a Roach Infestation in Belpre, Ohio

Cockroaches do not bite, but these pests can scratch you with their leg spines. This can become infected, because they carry bacteria. While there is no evidence of any disease outbreaks linked to roaches, these unwanted pests can cause salmonella, diarrhea, typhoid fever and cholera. Roaches can also send allergens into your living spaces, triggering allergies and asthma.

We are the Mid-Ohio Valley’s Pest Control Experts

Do not let these pests infest your home. When you spot them, call us immediately. Our team of professional exterminators serves all homeowners and businesses in Belpre, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. We are pest control experts, effective at exterminating not just roaches but also bed bugs, fleas, termites, wasps, bees, hornets, bats, snakes and birds. Let us know right away if you need pest removal, and we will quickly dispatch a professional to your home or business. Contact us today.

Trust Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc. when you need dependable, effective roach exterminators in Belpre, Ohio.