Handling a Cockroach Infestation in Belpre, OH

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Are you facing a cockroach infestation in Belpre, OH? Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc., removes roaches from homes throughout the area. Many homeowners or renters think that roaches are only attracted to dirt and grime, and they may feel that a clean home will keep roaches away. This is only partially true. While a clean home is a great way to keep pests away, this is not the only defense you need.

There are many other factors that play into a cockroach infestation, not just a dirty home. Roaches love damp, dark areas, as well as food and shelter – meaning our homes are the perfect place for them to move in. If you find a cockroach, or many roaches, in your home, there are ways to get rid of them with or without an exterminator.

This month, we are focusing on the signs of cockroaches and how to keep them out of your home. Learning the signs of finding roaches and how to properly remove them can help you to keep them away.


Signs that You Have a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches enjoy the dark, so you may not always see them out and about while you’re awake. Checking for them at night or in the dark is a good way to find out if you do have roaches. There are different types of roaches, but one common one in Ohio is the Oriental cockroach. Lucky for homeowners, they do not fly, but they still can cause issues for your home. They are about an inch long and have black bodies. Like all roaches, they enjoy damp, dark areas, like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Kitchens are common areas for roaches because of the easy access to food.

Finding cockroach feces or shells is one big red flag. If you see these in cabinets, around food, or on the floor near cracks, you may have an infestation. Roaches breed quickly, meaning that you will notice them fairly quickly if there is an infestation.

Finally, a musty odor may indicate that there are cockroaches in your home. We’ll cover this more later, but roaches tend to give off a musty, dirty smell. If you notice this around your home, be sure to look out for roaches. The faster you find them, the better chance you have for a quick extermination process.


The Problem with Cockroaches Invading Your Home

A cockroach infestation is more than just a nuisance; it can open your family to disease, contamination, and give your space a foul odor. Roaches are carriers of many diseases, meaning that any surface they cross can fall victim to contamination. Roaches will ruin any unsealed food, meaning that you’ll be throwing out a lot of food from your pantry.

Angie’s List reminds us that roaches can also trigger allergy attacks in anyone, but mainly children. If you notice an odd, musty odor and an increase in allergies in the home, it may be time to enlist the help of an exterminator to check for roaches. Odors come from both a large amount of live roaches and dead ones.


How Did I Get a Cockroach Infestation?

Many people may think that cockroaches are only in dirty homes or businesses, but that isn’t the case. Roaches enjoy warm, damp areas, like basements, cabinets, kitchens, and bathrooms. They also enjoy places with food, making your kitchen a great area for them to make their home in.

If you have any damp areas, like in a basement or bathroom, be sure to use dehumidifiers or check for any potential water damage. These are inviting areas for cockroaches and other pests, too.

Open or exposed food can also draw in cockroaches. Like we mentioned, keeping food in tight, closed containers can help to not attract cockroaches and can keep them out of your food if they do sneak in. Regularly sweep and vacuum floors to remove crumbs and remnants of food, along with washing dishes and cleaning counters and sinks.


Ways to Keep Roaches Away from Your Home

While you may think that some kind of pest infestation is inevitable, there are some ways to keep roaches away from your home. If you’ve never had roaches before, that doesn’t mean that you are safe from getting them later.

If you have any cracks or holes in walls, windows, or floors, be sure to fill them. This is an easy gateway for roaches to slip in undetected.

Fixing leaks or areas where water collects is another way to keep pests out. Damp areas are prime real estate for cockroaches and other pests, so be sure to address any leaking pipes or moisture issues.

Hunker provides a few natural options that you can try to keep roaches away from your home. One easy tip is to keep your home clean and keep food sources packaged. Wiping up food messes and liquids will help to eliminate smells and keep roaches from getting attracted to them. Natural cleaning options are very common for households with young children and pets, but they are not always the best way to keep cockroaches away for long.

Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc., has a showroom in the Belpre, OH, area that provides a wide range of do-it-yourself pest control options. When this is not enough, our exterminators can come in and get the job done.


Trust Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc., for Roach Extermination

Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc., offers roach extermination services for Belpre, OH, and the surrounding areas. Any kind of pest can be frustrating, and an infestation can make you feel helpless. With Eastern-Burkholder Exterminators, Inc., you are not alone.


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